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Accountability Coaching With Clarice Connolly

One-On-One Coaching


Specialized individual coaching to support you through your goals. We all start this journey at a different place in life. Together, let's move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Group Coaching


You don't have to do life alone like this. Group coaching connects you to a new group of people or deepen the relationship with a group of people you would like to be coached together. 

Speaking Engagements


Want to Empower Your Audience, have new content on your social media outlets or Create an educational workshop? The possibilities are endless! Passionate topics include: Emotional Intelligence, Healing Shame, Herpes Advocacy/Activism.

The Power Of Emotional Intelligence

Saying YES to YOU, Saying YES to Transformation. Can Have YOU Standing On TOP Of The Stories That May Have Once Owned You


"I've worked with Clarice and one of the best things about working with her is she is very performance and results driven. We talked about what it is I wanted to achieve and in talking with her I was able to see some clear actions that I can take. She followed up with me to make sure I did what I said I would. As a result I have made a new contact in the tax software industry and we're working on getting my project off the ground. I've been wanting to do this for a few years now but with Clarice's coaching it is now actually happening! For anyone wanting to move forward with a project or idea but have been procrastinating for whatever reason, I highly recommend working with Clarice!" - Albert S.