About Clarice

Mission - Vision - Values - Qualities

My Mission is to support in creating simultaneous acceptance of what is and an awakening to what can be inside of the individuals I work with and myself. 

My Vision is act upon my deep belief in the value of human life, to provide benevolent treatment and assistance to better humanity. 

My Core Values are Balance - Introspection - Love - Wonder - Direction

The Qualities that I bring are deep gratitude, artistry, love, nurture, renewal, and a sense of aliveness. 

Who AM I as Someone You Can Relate To?


I am a humanitarian through and through. I love every single person I meet and can see not only their pain but their highest version of themselves upon meeting. 

Whether you are in transition with a career you've been in, looking to build/grow your business, want to have the relationship of your dreams with yourself and others or you're just ready to learn to let go of your past to make room for acceptance.... 

Let's make it happen!

WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING! Love. No matter what way you boil it down.

You are not unique and no "problem", story, or belief you carry is too big, too much, or unsupportable. At the core I believe we are all humans in this world just trying to do good, make a difference, and achieve a sense of deep fulfillment.

I will reflect to you both your greatness and the stories you hang on to that no longer serve you. It does not matter what age, race, or sex you are or are not I am here to support you in building that bridge to where YOU want to be in life. 

Did I mention Coaching?

We have all experienced or are experiencing our form of inner turmoil, hey, me too!! Luckily from my rock bottom I not only found myself, I found multiple communities, forms of support, and most importantly, Life Coaching. It honestly saved my life. It made me feel like everything I have been through was because I am to support others in having it go differently for them.

I am a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching in 2016, a program that is accredited by the only governing body in coaching, The International Coach Federation. In one year I spent more than 300 hours in personal training classes, 45 hours of one on one coaching, was trained in over 200 tools, and supported by over a dozen other coaches and mentors. LIFE CHANGING!

I'd found a way to both support others and to reflect to them their greatness. I'd found my passion, my calling, a way to embrace and use my enormous heart to pour into others as much as I’d hoped to be understood, seen, and held.There is nothing I love more in life than following my intuition, being curious, and asking that thing that shifts a train of thought for a lifetime.

After all, we all are trying to survive this thing called life. Who says you have to do it alone? Let’s do it together!

In my free time you can find me learning more about and embodying feminine wisdom, reading personal development books, taking pictures of everything, painting, doing yoga, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, painting, singing terribly, listening to something upbeat or emotional, thinking about my French Bulldogs or how else I can expand my capacity to be with the hard things in life. When I am not in my Essence, you can find me trying to get it right, controlling or managing outcomes, and care-taking for others. Yup, I am still human!  

So let’s normalize this experience you’re having called Life. Today is the day to break up with doing life alone. Letting your friends and family be just that. Face your fears with love and spread your wings to the possibilities of rising up from the fires and reaching your highest most authentic and empowered self.

Contact me today to set up a Free one hour sample coaching session so you can see if coaching is right for you. We can focus on business, career, empowerment and LIFE as a whole. It is time someone poured into you as much as you pour into those near and dear to you! Your soul is calling, your heart is ready, let’s co-create your dreams and turn them into a reality. I did, and so can you!


 "I was at a point in my life that I need to change my career direction.... Over the last seven months, Clarice has guided down a path to discover myself. Challenging me to think differently about me, my relationships, and how I see the world. Working with her, I discovered my survival mechanisms and my true essence, who I am. We worked together to identify the constraints that I imposed on myself and built a toolbox to remove those constraints. She is an amazing coach that will guide you through a path of self-discovery." -Paul R.