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Grief Gratitude & Greatness is hosted by Sarah Shaoul and is a production of Recursive Delete Audio/Visual

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Episode 17 with Rachel O'Rourke and Lizzie 

Clarice shares a little bit of everything

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Erin Devost

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Molly Mandelberg, Unicorn Business Coach & Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up

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Aaron Sager 

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Shame - Herpes 

Vulnerability - Perfectionism


"For over a year now, Clarice has been my life coach. Not only have I recognized my own growth, but others around me have too. I've eliminated my addictions to caffeine and marijuana, my personal relationships are more meaningful, I feel confident in my ability as a leader, and I renewed my strength to stand up for myself in difficult situations.   Having all this has brought me peace. No longer does my anxiety rule the day and my relationships. I am clear headed and have the courage to speak up calmly and with intention. In this day when women are working on being seen and heard in the workplace despite all our social conditioning, Clarice is a beacon of light and a powerful force standing beside you to fight when there needs to be fighting, crying when there needs to be crying, and proud admiration when we see ourselves in our true essence.   Coming from the girl who could hardly see a value in herself, to being grateful everyday for the opportunities to enjoy life, I highly recommend Clarice as a life coach. I am a better person because of her and am endlessly grateful that I said yes to myself and welcomed her along for the ride." - Cat H.