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Grief Gratitude & Greatness

Grief Gratitude & Greatness is hosted by Sarah Shaoul and is a production of Recursive Delete Audio/Visual

Flawed Females Podcast

Episode 17 with Rachel O'Rourke and Lizzie 

Clarice shares a little bit of everything

Herp a Derp

Empower The Community with 

Erin Devost

Tactical Magic

Molly Mandelberg, Unicorn Business Coach & Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up

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Aaron Sager 

Zoom interview

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POWER Community Event

Shame - Herpes 

Vulnerability - Perfectionism


 "My hustle broke when my heart broke and I knew it was my inner child demanding to be heard. Clarice showed up on a networking app and we just connected. She listened and coached me through the healing of childhood trauma that was holding back my professional growth. Because of the six months of work we had done together, I was able to increase my productivity and quality of presentation in my business that I am now able to meet customer’s demands efficiently. I am grateful for Clarice coming along at the right time to help me level up! To work with her is to see yourself with love worthy of an investment." -M. Buckner